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'Front Row Center' 10-LP Box Set + 60 Page Book

10-LP box set + 60 page book from the influential cult progressive rock collective, Gentle Giant. Celebrating four ...

Gentle Giant's 'Civilian' Reissued & Remastered on CD, Vinyl & Streaming. Pre-Order Now!

Much to the excitement of Gentle Giant fans worldwide, the band’s final album “Civilian” remastered CD will be released on May 20, 2022! 

Giant Tales: The Story Behind the A's Outfit

Ever wonder how or why John "Pugwash" Weathers wore that bright yellow and green Oakland A's baseball uniform? In o...

Follow the fox with a new visual for "Talybont" off the 2021 Free Hand remix!

Follow the fox! Check out the new “Talybont” visual taken from the 2021 Blu-Ray remix of Free Hand.  Directed &...

Step inside an abstract world with "His Last Voyage"

Checkout the visual for "His Last Voyage" off the 2021 Steven Wilson Remix Blu-Ray of Free Hand. The video uses a u...

Check out the visual of "Free Hand" off the new Blu-Ray!

We will be releasing all the visuals from the new 2021 Steven Wilson remix of "Free Hand" over the next week so be su...

Newly discovered 8mm clips from the 1980 Civilian tour!

The clips were first discovered from the Genesis Museum YouTube page who restored and digitized the original film r...

Rare 1972 performance and interview featuring Phil Shulman!

This film features an (overdubbed) performance of "Peel the Paint" followed by a brief interview with Phil Shulman.

The Missing Interviews: Acquiring the Taste

Ray Shulman discusses the addition of John Weathers on drums and other events during the time of recording the band's second album Acquiring the Taste.

The Missing Interviews: Episode 3 is here!

Derek and Ray Shulman discuss their evolution in the studio and working with record producer Tony Visconti.

The Missing Interviews: Forming The Giant

We are happy to share the next episode in The Missing Interviews series. Watch the new episode "Forming the Giant" now!
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