"Interview" 2023 Remix by Steven Wilson Available Now!

"Interview" 2023 Remix by Steven Wilson

Available Now
Award winning producer and musician Steven Wilson has now remixed INTERVIEW in Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound. The Porcupine Tree guitarist and highly regarded solo artist has long been a fan of the band, noting them as a primary influence on his own work. Wilson’s painstaking attention to detail, deep respect for the source material and keen tonal range makes the album sound as fresh today as it did on first release. In addition to the 2023 remixes, the original 1976 stereo mix, original 1976 quad mix, instrumental mixes, and custom visuals for each track are all included in the CD/Blu-Ray version. The 2023 remix is available on 180g black vinyl, with a limited edition sky blue color vinyl variant.
Blue-ray + CD Digipak contains: 
2023 Steven Wilson Remix, Dolby Atmos Mixes, 5.1 Surround Sound Mixes, Instrumental Mixes, Original 1976 Quad Mix, Original 1976 Stereo Mix, Custom Visuals for each track.
CD Digipak contains: 
2023 Steven Wilson Remix
Vinyl LP (180g): 
2023 Steven Wilson Remix
Limited Edition Sky Blue Vinyl LP (180g): 
2023 Steven Wilson Remix
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